What Should You Know about the Strategy Used for eSports Betting?

Technically, the strategy of betting on eSports is almost indistinguishable from the method of betting on other sports competitions or events. You need to fill out the registration form on the betting site, transfer a certain amount to the account, select the desired tournament and match, make a bet.

The sites of most bookmakers are very simple and intuitive. Even a novice player can understand them. However, there are some features related directly to the eSports disciplines. You need to understand: competitions in eSports disciplines are divided into several categories. The attitude of players to matches depends on the prize fund being played. Top-level teams are laid out only at championships with maximum prizes, while others look in for training, testing “in combat conditions” of new strategies, training beginners, etc. Therefore, the first moment - when you make overwatch bets or bets on some other game, always be interested in how important it is for teams.

CS: GO betting strategy

There are two main strategies in cyber concessions at the CS: GO: put on a single-digit favorite with a gradual increase in the bank or put on the overvalued player.

If you bet on the leaders, look for championships with big prizes and excellent motivation. In this case, the risk of match-fixing decreases, and your bets begin to generate income. If you prefer little-known competitions with small incentive prizes, bet on outsiders.

It should be borne in mind that in prestigious competitions, especially at the beginning, there are insignificant matches in which teams are not afraid to experiment. You should not be serious about betting odds and predictions. Cybersport is a relatively new direction in the world of betting, and bookmakers analysts simply did not have time to evaluate all the possibilities and pitfalls.

Dota 2 Betting Strategy

Dota 2 is the most difficult in terms of forecasting cyber discipline. Risk-free betting does not exist here by definition, so it’s worth playing for outsiders. The outcome of the match in DotA is determined by many factors: the chosen characters, their leveling, skills, level of team play. For several years, during which major competitions in this discipline take place, not a single sufficiently stable team has appeared. For comparison, in CS: GO there are several top teams that almost never lose.


You should not make big bets on e-sports competitions. There are too many instabilities, experiments, pitfalls. And there is no constancy. Even solid knowledge in the field of computer games and e-sports, constant analysis of statistics, etc. do not allow us to speak about one hundred percent confidence in the forecast. Cybersport is ideal for novice players who like to experiment with small bets. For them, some unpredictability will serve as an additional stimulating factor.