Basketball Betting: Main Features You Need to Know

In basketball, there are only 5 players on the court, and no more than 10 people usually play for the entire match. That is why, when choosing a basketball bet at, you should pay close attention to the study and analysis of statistical materials for each player, taking into account his condition, the main statistics, the time he spends on the court.

How to Bet on Basketball?

In general, the painting on basketball is inferior in width to football, since the main emphasis here is on total and odds. European competitions often have a high margin, so the coefficients are more modest here. Traditionally, basketball presents a wide range of bets, well-known in other sports.

  • Betting on the outcome. It is required to guess the result of the match. Most often, bookmakers offer to bet on the victory of one or another team, sometimes the third option is offered - winning in overtime. To win a leader, Kefs are usually low, which often makes them look for luck in a handicap game.
  • Handicap bets. One of the most popular in basketball. The player must guess the outcome, taking into account the odds, which may be less or more. So, if you put a handicap of +7.5, to win you need your team to concede no more than 7 points. In an online game, there is an opportunity to purchase a handicap (usually from 4 to 12 points is provided), but the coefficient will be lowered. Basketball is characterized by a wide range of odds, therefore, having met option 23.5, you should not be surprised.
  • Betting on the total in basketball. A widespread bet that offers to bet on more or less. The classic version in basketball is the total of the total points of both teams per match. Bookmakers offer to try your luck in totals on the number of points scored, three-point and two-point shots, fouls, penalties. Indicators can be taken for the entire match or differentiated by quarters. You can place a bet on the individual total. In this case, personal indicators are taken as a basis - points, playing time, fouls, the number of accurate long-range shots or free throws.
  • Bets on overcoming the stage of the playoffs. Adopted during the passage of knockout matches in the NBA, national championships, Euroleague, world and European championships. Similarly, you can put on the winner of the tournament.
  • Quarter comparison betting. In this case, the standard indicators are considered - points, fouls, penalties, three-pointers. The player needs to guess at which segment these values will be higher in comparison with the other quarters. In this case, the indicators may concern one team or both at once.
  • Bets on the comparison of games. To do this, take a couple of teams, parity on the level of skill playing in one round of a tournament. The player is required to guess which of them will have the best points difference at the end of his meeting. To make the comparison correct, only the main time of the match is taken into account. It is also possible to compare the scores in two games of the same team.

Basketball bets can be successful if you take into account all the nuances, carefully study the statistics and be aware of the status of individual basketball players and their teams. But do not forget that this is just a game.