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    DON'T LET ME GO is a Lambda Finalist!

    I wish I could be in New York for the awards ceremony June 3, but I'll have to settle for being in Austin May 26. Come see me! I'll be reading from Don't Let Me Go and signing books!



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    An interview with Greg Taylor, author of Killer Pizza and The Girl Who Became a Beatle

    Last May I got to spend the day with Greg Taylor. He was so much fun and shared lots of interesting stories about his screenwriting days. Here's a video interview I did with him before we turned him loose. Enjoy!

    You may also want to visit Greg's website. It's really cool. And you can buy his books wherever books are sold!



    Houston's mayor is gay?

    Yes, she is!

    And last night Mayor Annise Parker made an appearance on The Colbert Report. I don't actually live in Houston, but I live close. And I'm very proud of Mayor Parker. Check out the clip!



    Where do you get your ideas?

    Writers get asked this question all the time. But I don't think anyone's ever asked me. Oh, well. On the off chance you're interested, I'm going to tell you.

    But first, a story.

    This is a satellite photo of the section of Interstate 45 where my 17-year-old son had his first wreck last weekend as he was returning from a friend's lake house. He was about 50 minutes from home. He'd just come over the flyover and the roads were wet and slick. His back tires lost traction and his car went into a spin. Two 360's and then the car slid over a rather steep embankment. (The cop told me they were lucky they didn't have a rollover). He's okay, and so is his friend traveling with him. The only damage was to his tires and my sanity.

    That's where my ideas come from.

    Every heart-stopping moment I've ever experience, every time I've laughed until my sides ached, every time I've gotten so angry I thought my head would explode, every time I've been so annoyed I wanted to scratch someone's eyes out, every time I've cried. I use what I know to flesh out the lives of my characters.

    The fun part of that is that I also preserve the memory in perpetuity. 

    Did I mention that two nights before the accident, my son drove up to the lake house after dark, depending on his GPS to get him there. I got a call about 10:20 that night. My son was cursing that GPS like nobody's business. The f***ing GPS had led him to the f***ing middle of f***ing nowhere. There were no people, no lights, no cars, no street signs. He was hopelessly lost an hour from home and I had to way to help him except to try and calm him down. I swear I heard banjos.

    He eventually got to the lake house, and I lost half my hair.

    Do you think that's going in a book? You bet it is.