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    Adam Lambert sings with school band

    I love this video! Anyone who knows me knows what a crazy Adam Lambert fan I am. So when I saw this video this morning I had to share. He sings "Whataya Want from Me," accompanied by a group of kids on recorders, guitars, and drums purchased with the money Lambert raised through his DonorsChoose program. And it's adorable! I happen to be very fond of band kids, being a former flute player myself. Did I mention my 15-year-old tuba-playing son is trying out for State in May (and in Texas, State is a big competition indeed)? Yeah, Danny! I think band kids are some of the coolest kids in school, which is also why the main character in my third book is a band geek. So here's "Whataya Want from Me" with recorders. I love the music director!


    We are the World Again!

    I loved this song the first time around, and I'm loving it even more now. I can't resist singing along every time I hear it. And I love the way the harmony reflects the lyrics. Enjoy.


    So what's your book about?

    I get this question all the time. What I usually say is it's about two teenage boys who fall in love and come out of the closet, which sounds lame since the book is about so much more. So I thought I'd post the teaser that attracted the agent that read my ms that prompted her to represent me and will lead, I hope, to the the publication of the DEBUT NOVEL (sounds so awesome) that Janet wrote:

    NATE #1 (working title) chronicles the junior year of 17-year-old Nate Saffle who has had enough of playing a game he doesn't love, enough of pretending to be someone he isn't, and enough of playing it safe. With one last taunt from his dad, he commits to taking back control of his life. Football is out; music is in. But when it comes to love, taking back control is a little trickier. Loving Adam in secret is frustrating enough, but the hurt and jealousy that come from the public pretense drive the boys to take the plunge. It's best friend Juliet who comes up with the coming out plan. And it's all so, um, easy . . . until it isn't. In this tumultuous year Nate goes from longing to loving, and anonymity to headline news as he struggles with what it really means to be a man when you're a teenage boy in love with another guy.

    I'll let you know how that publishing thing works out.


    If you don't know John Green . . . you should!

    John Green, author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, and the soon to be released collaboration with David Levithan--Will Grayson, Will Grayson--is one cool guy and totally irresistable, as you'll discover from this video. So don't wait. Play it NOW! And then check out his awesome online vlog--Nerdfighters.



    You are the Face of a New Generation

    What better way to kick off my blog than to share with you this awesome video by the ontd_ai online community. Check it out. And welcome!. For me, writing is about the power of the pen (or the keyboard in this case) to change the world. I hope you'll visit often and engage in the conversation. You CAN make a difference.



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