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    I'm about to make your day!

    I came across this YouTube vid the other day and I was so taken with it, I had to share. This talented young man is a student at The University of Texas. Check out his YouTube channel for more awesome videos. I think you'll like his Glee audition, his extreme version of the cup song, and his superheroes diddy.



    Rascal Flatts or Cascada?

    I love the song "What Hurts the Most." In fact it's on the playlist for my novel Don't Let Me Go. But I'm torn over whose version I like best--the one by Rascal Flatts or the one by Cascada. Listen, then vote and tell me what you think.

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    Who sings "What Hurts the Most" best?
    Rascal Flatts
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    Hot guys read books? A creative blogger gathers the evidence

    From Can't make out the title, but isn't that a self-check receipt lying on the bed next to him? I say yes. Hurray for public libraries!

    My blogger friend Brent sent me this link this morning. Hot Guys Reading Books "scours the internet for examples of luscious literary men and gathers the evidence in one place." According to the site's editor, Alli Rense, "There are plenty of attractive men in the world, but unfortunately few of them that are avid readers." While I can't attest to the accuracy of that statement, I can say that Rense's blog is both fun and G-Rated (my apologies if you were really expecting HOT guys LOL). But perhaps even more interesting than the guys, themselves, are the books they're reading--everything from Stephen Hawking's A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME to Shakespeare, and HARRY POTTER to Dr. Seuss. Are printed books DOA? I think not. A hot guy reading from a Kindle wouldn't be nearly as sexy! Go check out Hot Guys Reading Books. And consider submitting your own photo!

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    How to spend a billion? Travie McCoy has a plan, and I like it!

    I am crazy about Travie McCoy's song  Billionaire featuring Bruno Mars [warning--this is the explicit version]. It's got that same feel-good quality that Michael Franti's Say Hey (I Love You) has . . . and a ukulele! But it wasn't until I looked up the lyrics that I truly came to appreciate the song. Just for fun, I made a list of all the things Travie would do with his billions:

    • Make everyone's wishes come true on his own Oprah-like show

    • Adopt a bunch of needy children like Brad and Angie

    • Give away some Mercedes automobiles

    • Grant someone their last wish

    • Go to New Orleans and help out Katrina victims

    • Toss a couple of million in the air

    • Take a crack at the recession by splitting what's left among those he loves

    • Make sure no one around him is ever hungry

    [tweetmeme source="JanetTrumble" only_single=false]Spoken like a true liberal. And what's wrong with that? Question: What would you do with a billion dollars?


    Show a little respect. I'm a librarian, dammit!

    There is an outdoor concert venue near my house. Tonight I'm working concessions at the Chicago concert. I am not looking forward this, as I am still slightly traumatized by the Jimmy Buffet concert I worked a month ago. Why am I slinging beers for a bunch of badly behaved, overgrown, infantile, middle-aged rock-star-wannabees? I sling beers because my son plays tuba in his high school marching band. Long story, but if you have a kid in marching band, you probably understand.

    So why am I NOT looking forward to 5-1/2 hours on my feet in 90+ heat, in athletic shoes, socks, a scratchy polo shirt and a baseball cap, with the sun full on in my face for at least two of those hours? Afterall, it's a free concert for me, right? Um, no. It's unlikely I'll hear much music between all the concession chatter:

    • What can I get for you?

    • Yes, I'm certain you are over the age of 18 grey-haired man with a comb over, but I must see your ID anyway.

    • No I cannot serve you more drinks than you can carry in two hands. (i.e. two drinks). I don't care how many you can wedge in between your arm and your chest.

    • Yes, I'm sorry, but I forgot which beer you ordered about halfway through your two-minute bitch about the fact that I cannot serve your water in the plastic bottle from which it came (Mr. Buffet's request, you figure it out). So which of the six brands did you want?

    • No, this is not my full time job. I have a full time job. I have two full time jobs if you count single mom amongst them. I do this because I have a secret desire to be verbally belittled by people my age wearing grass skirts and parrots on their heads.

    [tweetmeme source="JanetTrumble" only_single=false]I just hope the Chicago crowd is a little less obnoxious. Dang. And I thought being a junior high librarian was rough.