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    Never before seen footage--Jordan Sonnenblick on the drums!

    Yesterday, the amazing Jordan Sonnenblick spoke to kids at my school. The kids adored him! The teachers adored him! The, um, librarian adored him! Before he left, he graciously granted me a video interview. And he played a snare drum for us between presentations. So, here it is! Jordan Sonnenblick on writing and playing the drums. (And Jordan, please forgive my amateur videography skills.)  I hope you all enjoy it.

    Librarians, if you are looking for a great author visit for your kiddos, pick Jordan. You can email him at And buy his books!

    Buy them all for your library or even for someone you love this Christmas, especially a kid who's going through a rough time--an illness, a mistake, a new school. That kid will find new hope in the pages of these amazing books. And if that kid is lucky enough to be trouble free, then he'll (she'll) see those kids who are troubled in a new way. Seriously, go shopping.

    [tweetmeme source="JanetTrumble" only_single=false][A quick note to author James Howe: Jim, you know you're my number one! But Jordan played the freaking drums. And he wore an awesome purple shirt to bring attention to the problem of bullying in our schools and as a tribute to those kids who succumbed to it. But he didn't have an earring, so you know, I still love you best. xxxooo]


    Librarians get fangirly too!

    Jordan Sonnenblick is coming, and I. Am. So. Excited! That's just one great thing about being a school librarian (yeah, I'm one of those too)--you get to hang out with some really cool authors. Funding is tight, so I had to write a grant, which meant giving up a weekend of working on my own novels, but, hey, it's JORDAN SONNENBLICK! He's going to be talking about his newly released sequel to Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie--Ever After Ever. And he's going to help us kick off NaNoWriMo (but he doesn't know that yet, well, until he reads this--Hi, Jordan!).

    In the meantime, though, we are excitedly awaiting a visit from James Howe. For the first time this year our school celebrated No Name-Calling Week, which originated with Jim's book The Misfits. The event was created by GLSEN and Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing and is a really big deal now. Yea! Okay, I really liked The Misfits, but it's his sequel to that book, Totally Joe, that I count among my all time favorite books. Joe is an alphabiography written by a 13-year-old gay boy. It's sweet, it's funny, it's profound, and I love it. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? Go. Buy a copy. Or check it out from your library. But read it!

    So, yeah, I'm a little fangirly right now, and unapologetically so.